Agents of the Mark

A Theory

Zor, Aryth 5, 997 YK

I have done it! I have proven my theory true (with some tweaking, of course). I have discovered a method of bringing Maria back into this world! I will need to convince her to leave Dolurrh, of course – but that should prove easy compared to what I just did. Dolurrh is currently coterminous to the material plane, so I should just be able to plane shift onto that plane and bring her back. One of the other wizards of Arcanix happens to have a portal that links to Dolurrh when Dolurrh is coterminous to the prime material, so I’m going to ask him to use it – and pay what’s necessary. First, however, I have to adjust ROB’s corpse for the job.
My idea is to bring Maria back into ROB’s body, since her own body is either incinerated or buried and decayed; in either case, I can no longer bring her back into her own body. As such, I will transfer her soul into ROB’s body. I will first need to cleanse ROB’s brain – although I believe I can leave in his fighting technique and other physical associations, to allow her to adapt to her new limbs – and to repair his body. Unfortunately, with the end of the war and the banishment of the creation of the warforged as of a year ago, parts are going to be more difficult to get. I’ll have to improvise some, and no doubt she will not be physically the same as ROB was. Nevertheless, I hope to complete this by mid-winter – definitely before Dolurrh leaves its coterminous state with the prime material.
I’m just glad I learned so much studying ROB while he was alive; otherwise, repairing him would be impossible. I wonder, since he was originally forged, whether it would be possible to repair him to his original state, at which point what I’m doing now would kill him… but no. I’ve already come to terms with what I must do to his body in order to bring Maria back. And besides, no one would pay to revive a warforged – even I lack the money to do so, and given that he was killed by a Keeper Bane weapon… well, let’s just say I don’t have much hope that I’ll see him on Dolurrh, because either he belongs to the Keeper or he didn’t go to the afterlife to begin with due to his being a warforged. For his sake, I hope it was the latter. Oblivion is better than perpetual slavery. Perhaps I’ll eventually free Kev and ROB from the Keeper – I should hope that I will – but first things first. I have to kill Arun Kol so that he doesn’t kill anyone else with that dreaded scythe, and to do that, I need Maria’s help. So, there it is, I suppose: ROB stands no chance of revival, and this is his only chance of revenge and possible eventual freedom, to have a revived Maria and I working together.



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