Agents of the Mark

A Successful Revival

Sar, Zarantyr 14, 998 YK

Ah, the day has finally arrived! I finished ROB’s body just this morning, and I just spoke with the wizard who owns the portal to Dolurrh. It cost me a pretty penny – indeed, most of the rest of my mother’s fortune; I’m broke now. (I suppose I’ll need to fix that – looking to the future, I will probably have to move to Sharn for a time and do research in order to pay for my basic necessities – ah, well. Whatever is necessary, I suppose.) In any case, I am off to Dolurrh, and will finish this entry when I return.
That was… more difficult than expected. First, I had to find Maria. That took… a while (perhaps hours, perhaps days – I’m not sure), and had quite an impact on my resolve, as Dolurrh is wont to do. After I found her, I had the harder task of persuading her to come with me and to return to life. It’s truly astounding, how passive souls become in the afterlife. I first simply asked her, fully explaining the situation (to be certain that she understood that she would come to life in Rob’s body). I had to keep getting her attention, though; it was apparent that Dolurrh had had an effect on her focus and that she was very uninterested in the whole ordeal. She asked me why she would want to leave Dolurrh. I stated that it is natural for every person to seek life, just as it is natural for every person to avoid death. She said that she had believed that in life, but that now she was fine where she was and that now she did not want to go through the bother of living again.
I asked her whether she felt angry and wanted revenge on Arun Kol for killing her. She said no, that she didn’t care. I asked her whether she cared that Kev and possibly ROB had been sent to the Keeper. She said that no, that didn’t bother her either; that was saddening for them, but that it still wasn’t worth the bother of living. I could see that I was beginning to get through to her, though. I then appealed to her sense of duty, stating that it was our responsibility to take him down, to finish what we had started such that he could harm no others. She seemed to argue with herself for a bit, then assented, stating “if duty was so important to me in life, I suppose I must honor my living self for her desire to do her duty.” We returned and she is currently adapting to ROB’s body. She has lost much of both her and ROB’s power, but now has some diluted combination of both. I, meanwhile, plan our next move.
Our first step will have to be to get funding. To do so, I will move us to Sharn, and I will take on some research opportunities for a brief time before returning to our mission. To Sharn!



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